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Mattermost vs. Microsoft Teams: Which is Better?

Businesses today are composed of teams that work online and need central hubs for collaboration and communication. Online platforms satisfy that need, enabling people to work together no matter where they are in the world. In 2017, Smartsheet interviewed 1,000 IT decision-makers at businesses across North America and found that collaboration apps are no longer “just nice to have”, but are a necessity in order for businesses to compete. If you have been shopping around and aren’t sure which platform is best for your company’s needs, this blog will compare two industry-leading options, Mattermost vs. Microsoft Teams. Learn about the features, pros and cons, and recommended uses of each.

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Case Studies

The Future of Group Messaging

Group messaging platforms gained massive adoption over the past four years, promising a place where teams could communicate and get stuff done. While doing a pretty good job of connecting people to chat, they fell short on the second promise.

Now, optimizing the work collaboration process of teams is becoming critical to the evolution of enterprises. Data and innovative technology is increasingly available which has created a new opportunity, and expectation, for enterprises to work smarter and faster. The future of group messaging will not only improve communication but include deep configurability to drive productivity and increase to the bottom line of companies.

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5 Ways Bots Can Help Your Business Processes

As AI technology continues to improve, more and more businesses are using bots to optimize their processes. Why? Where to begin; they allow you to automate all sorts of tasks, they never sleep, they can get you information quickly, they save you money, and, generally, save you a lot of time. Bots are enabling new levels of productivity that weren’t previously possible. But how exactly can they help your business? Here is a closer look at 5 specific use cases.

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Mattermost vs. Hipchat/Stride

Are you looking for a communications solution for your team, organization, or enterprise? If so, Hipchat and Mattermost are likely on your radar. Similar to our review of Mattermost vs. Slack a few weeks ago, here we will break down the editions, features, and pros and cons of both options. Figure out if one is a better choice for you, based on your needs.

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Mattermost vs. Slack – What’s Right for my Business

In today’s digital world, the ability for businesses to connect and collaborate in an online environment has become a necessity. To meet this growing demand, Slack created a digital workspace back in 2013 for private and group messaging, sharing files, and integrating third-party programs.

While helpful in many ways, it falls short of serving all of the needs of an enterprise, even with their Enterprise Grid offering. That’s where the open source, private-cloud messaging platform Mattermost comes in to fill the gap. Mattermost is designed specifically for enterprises and offers all that Slack does and more.

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Top 10 Most Popular Mattermost Integrations

Mattermost’s workplace messaging solution increases productivity by bringing people, conversations, and tools together in one place.

It can connect with hundreds of systems and 3rd party applications via methods such as private cloud open source integrations, incoming/outgoing webhooks, language-specific drivers, RESTful APIs, CFI, and Public Cloud Connectors.

The question is, which add-ons are the most useful?

Here we reveal our picks for the top 10 Mattermost integrations.

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