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11 Website Conversion Mistakes and How to Fix Them

In 2017, the average conversion rate in the U.S. ranged from 2.69% to 3.08%. Have you been looking at your rate and wanting to improve it? If so, we have good news. Making strategic changes can move the needle.

To help you understand how to increase your website’s performance, here’s a look at 11 common mistakes that hurt your conversion rate and how you can fix them.

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What is a Digital Transformation and Why Does Your…

You have probably been hearing the buzzword ‘digital transformation’ (DT), but what does it mean?

A digital transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society.

When speaking of a business undergoing DT, it means that it is strategically applying digital technology to all aspects of its operation which fundamentally transforms it. But is is a necessity? Many business executives, owners, and IT directors are asking…

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Productivo Mobile UI Kit for iOS

Brightscout introduces the most comprehensive and elegantly designed Productivity UI kit ever designed to date! Productivo consists of 50+ iOS mobile iPhone X screen templates and over 13+ screen categories to help speed up the development of any productivity app project. This exquisite UI kit is thoughtfully packaged so all screen templates have a logical flow beginning with their starting point. Each element is full customizable and with nested symbols you can be assured this productivity UI Kit will help you stay as productive as possible throughout your project.

Screen Categories Include: Onboarding, Sign Up & Login, Forgot Password, Profile, Settings, Notifications, Calendar, Task Manager, Notes, Messages, Cloud Storage, Navigation, Reports

Download our UI Kit

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Mattermost vs. Microsoft Teams: Which is Better?

Businesses today are composed of teams that work online and need central hubs for collaboration and communication. Online platforms satisfy that need, enabling people to work together no matter where they are in the world. In 2017, Smartsheet interviewed 1,000 IT decision-makers at businesses across North America and found that collaboration apps are no longer “just nice to have”, but are a necessity in order for businesses to compete. If you have been shopping around and aren’t sure which platform is best for your company’s needs, this blog will compare two industry-leading options, Mattermost vs. Microsoft Teams. Learn about the features, pros and cons, and recommended uses of each.

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Case Studies

U.S. Consumers Gravitate to Digital Music Platforms

The U.S. music industry has completely changed over the course of 10 years. Advances in technology have led to faster internet connections and more powerful devices; the perfect breeding grounds for digital music platforms. Those such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music that enable users to download, play, and stream music. Read more “U.S. Consumers Gravitate to Digital Music Platforms”


How to Perform a Website Audit

Looking to improve your online marketing performance? A free website audit may be just what you need.

In modern times, website usability and design are held to a higher standard than in the past. Visitors will leave a site if the design looks off, if it takes more than two seconds to load, or if it’s too hard to use. Further, they won’t even find it in the first place if it doesn’t tick the boxes for SEO. Being so, it’s essential that companies audit their websites so they are aware of the issues holding them back.

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Growth Hacking

Your Guide to Building a User Persona

Have you ever wished you could read the minds of your customers? If only you could understand what makes them tick, you would know how to best build your product. Unfortunately, trying to design without that insight is like shooting an arrow at a target you can’t see. But, there is a solution. A user persona gives you the target, enabling you to aim and hit the bullseye.

In this guide, we’ll cover what a user persona is, how it can help you, and how to build one for your business.

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8 Top Design Systems in 2018

Did you know that, according to the 2017-2018 UXPin Design Industry Report, 67% of companies are either using a design system or are in the process of building one? Design systems function as an ever-evolving central source of truth. They instill order, enable consistency, and improve efficiency. As of recent years, they are becoming the rule rather than the exception.

To gain a better understanding of what the final product looks like and how it functions, here are eight of the top design systems from industry leaders such as Shopify, IBM, and Atlassian.

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Brightscout: App Design Agency in Austin, TX

Austin Digital Product Design & Innovation Shop is Making Companies Take Notice

Brightscout, our app design agency in Austin, TX, is up, running, and helping companies break the mold through disruptive technology. We launched in May of 2017 with a team of insanely talented strategists and designers and an adventurous spirit. With less than a year in business, we have already seen the industry take notice. Our client list ranges from Fortune 100 companies, DHS, and World Bank to Coder, dotCMS, and Mercy Hospitals. Additionally, we are proud to be exclusive partners for Botpress and Mattermost.

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