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Conversational UI

Conversational UI and Why It’s Awesome!

Conversational UI (CUI) isn’t actually anything new. However, what is new is that the technology behind it has developed to the point where it’s become practical. For instance, artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) enable over 90% accuracy in machine parsing and understanding requests that are typed or spoken. With this ability, it’s time to seriously consider how CUI can help your business.

Here’s a closer look at what CUI is exactly, and why it’s awesome!

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Mattermost vs. Slack – What’s Right for my Business

In today’s digital world, the ability for businesses to connect and collaborate in an online environment has become a necessity. To meet this growing demand, Slack created a digital workspace back in 2013 for private and group messaging, sharing files, and integrating third-party programs.

While helpful in many ways, it falls short of serving all of the needs of an enterprise, even with their Enterprise Grid offering. That’s where the open source, private-cloud messaging platform Mattermost comes in to fill the gap. Mattermost is designed specifically for enterprises and offers all that Slack does and more.

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Top 10 Most Popular Mattermost Integrations

Mattermost’s workplace messaging solution increases productivity by bringing people, conversations, and tools together in one place.

It can connect with hundreds of systems and 3rd party applications via methods such as private cloud open source integrations, incoming/outgoing webhooks, language-specific drivers, RESTful APIs, CFI, and Public Cloud Connectors.

The question is, which add-ons are the most useful?

Here we reveal our picks for the top 10 Mattermost integrations.

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